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In fact, they have been raised from infancy without any contact at all with women. Isaac asimovs science fiction magazine january 1989. What did asimov write besides the foundation and robot books. Science and religion have a long history of friction as diametric opposites. Walker 1985 336 the alternate asimovs doubleday 1986 337 isaac asimov presents the great sf stories, 14.

A list of isaac asimovs 506 books arranged by his own categories as in his. The candy stores sold newspapers and magazines, a fact that asimov credited as a. Collects three thousand astounding, unusual, educational, and entertaining facts that touch upon nearly every major area of human interest. Here are some of the intriguing facts you will find in this book. The best horror and supernatural of the 19th century 1983 with martin h greenberg and charles g waugh. Emperor caligula appointed his favorite horse as a consul of rome. Isaac asimovs science fiction magazine january 1989 gardner, ed.

Isaac asimov was an american writer and professor of biochemistry at boston university. Isaac asimov was unquestionably one of americas greatest scientific writersfrom his mind came the aweinspiring foundation trilogy and the classic i, robot. Buy a cheap copy of isaac asimovs book of facts by isaac asimov. Isaac asimov was born in petrovichi, russia, on january 2, 1920. Many writers have written stories, simply assuming the laws as fact.

Within the pages ofisaac asimovs book of factsare many hours of entertaining and informative readinglittleknown facts that will make you exclaim, time and again, i didnt know that. Isaac asimov presents the best horror and supernatural stories of the 19th century. Everyone who had read asimov had a different answer. Eskimos use refrigerators to keep food from freezing. Asimov was a prolific writer who wrote or edited more than 500 books and an. It hardly comes as a surprise then, that the brain of asimov was overflowing with facts, statistics, and millions of trivial tidbits. The search for the elements by isaac asimov book cover, description, publication history.

But some of humanitys greatest minds have found in science itself a rich source of spirituality, from albert einsteins meditation on whether scientists pray to richard feynmans ode to the universe to carl sagan on the reverence of science to bucky fullers scientific rendition of the lords prayer to. Horror and supernatural stories of the 19th century 16 beaufort books 1983. His family emigrated to the united states in 1923 and settled in brooklyn, new york, where they owned and operated a candy store. Within the pages of isaac asimovs book of facts are. Author isaac asimovs complete list of books and series in order, with the latest releases. Isaac asimovs book of facts by isaac asimov goodreads. As a general reference book, the dewey decimal classification includes it in 031 general encyclopedic works the book is divided into seventyseven chapters, each with a few dozen facts related to the chapter title. Gareth stevens, inc 1989 416 science fiction, science fact gareth stevens. Isaac asimovs book of facts is a book of trivia by isaac asimov. Of course, the articles focus on numbers, but not entirely on mathematics. Isaac asimovs book of facts by isaac asimov alibris. Also known as facts and trivia or the giant book of facts and trivia both from the uk, this book was first published in 1979, with final edits being made by isaac asimov.

Isaac asimovs book of facts only 1 left in stock order soon. Sep 01, 1978 asimov on numbers is a nontraditional compilation of isaac asimov s essays for the magazine of fantasy and science fiction, collected by subject rather than by date of appearance. One of the pioneers of science fiction, dr isaac asimov born isaak ozimov, circa 2. While there is not a great deal of what we would normally classify as magic or supernatural content, both the historical setting and the largerthanlife characters give the story the feeling of an epicone that many sffantasy readers are likely to enjoy.

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